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      By continuing you agree to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman collecting the information you have entered and disclosing it to the provider your complaint is about. All information provided to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy

      Privacy notice

      • We collect personal information about you in order to contact you and handle your complaint. We will share your personal information with the telecommunications providers who can help resolve your complaint. This may include a wholesale provider. These providers may also provide your personal information to us. These providers or their staff may be overseas.
      • If you choose to provide us with sensitive information, for example information about your health, you consent to us collecting and disclosing that information unless you tell us otherwise.
      • With your consent, or by law, we may provide your personal information to government agencies.
      • We may also provide your personal information to third parties for the purposes of improving our services. We will only do this in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The TIO does not use personal information it collects for direct marketing.
      • You can access and correct personal information that the TIO holds about you and complain about a TIO privacy breach or how the TIO has handled your personal information.
      • To find out more, the TIO’s privacy policy explains how the TIO collects, handles and protects personal information about you, including information obtained from your representative.